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Trail Update (Jan 8th, 2021)
Members and Friends -
We continue to wait for further snowstorms in order to start regular grooming.  We have had a couple of dusting amounts this week but nothing that has changed the grooming situation for the network trails.  After the storm on the night of the 1st a limited number of trails in Whitaker Woods were packed.  Since that time the same trails have been groomed only once more.  With warmer day time temperatures, sun, and the lack of new snow, there is little more that we can due with even our small and light Kubota machine.  Daily grooming is impossible with such thin cover and with a base depth as little as 2".  I have had multiple calls this week asking about grooming on more trails but we cannot do so with such little snow depth to work with.  Only because select Whitaker trails have been so extensively manicured and smoothed during the off-season is why we can groom on those limited trails. Attempting to groom further will risk damaging equipment and not produce a quality trail condition. This is particularly true with trails outside of Whitaker Woods and north into the Intervale. With several water crossings and bridges we will need at least a solid 10" or more to groom any more of the network.  Please be patient - we want to get going with regular grooming as soon as we can do so!
Pending further snowstorms we are also waiting to start the Guided Snowshoe Walks on Saturdays and the Snowshoe Yoga Tours on Sundays.
Think Snow!

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