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Trail Update (2/9/22)
Members and Friends -
Just when you least expect it, a trail update!  After a 4 week lucky spell of extended cold weather and with minimal snowfall accumulations, we have been dumped on with over 17" of new snow in the last 5 days. This is the greatest amount of snow we have had on the trails in over 2 years and nearly as much snow as we saw last season in total.  Grooming has been a challenge for these last 5 days with the heavier snow and warm temperatures compounded by a breakdown of one of our 2 grooming machines.  After having almost 43 of our 45K network completely groomed for several weeks we were slowed down and had to incrementally open up trails as conditions allowed.  Several trails were blocked by hanging trees that were burdened by ice and snow accumulations and had to be cleared before the groomer could pass through.  The next several days are going to be tough for grooming with predicted warm temperatures and rain in the forecast.  We hope to have all trails open by the weekend once again, provided we do not encounter problem with weather.  Grooming wet snow is generally avoided at all costs by nordic centers to avoid creating icy surfaces when grooming is followed by freezing temperatures.  Our Kubota UTV machine has developed a serious transmission problem that is giving our groomers fits as they try to find a repair solution between part shortages and service center repair backups.  We are hoping that the machine is repairable, but the costs may be considerable and may put the machine out of service for the remainder of the season.  We are frantically searching for solutions working with Kubota dealer all over NH and western Maine.
In the meantime, our groomers and volunteers have been working for the last week under the East Branch bridge under Route 16/302 to create a skier underpass.  The Friday storm provided enough snow for shoveling in order to make a broadway wide enough for the groomer to pass under the bridge.  It has been 3 years since we had enough snow to do this.  We are very pleased to have completed as now skiers will not have to remove their skis to cross the road when skiing from the Old Field House and New England Inn.  I have attached a photo taken earlier this week.  This morning the groomer has passed through for the first time.  Thank you to those snow shovelers!
Think Snow.

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