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Trail Update (Wednesday, March 17, 2021)

Members and Friends,

Trail conditions have now evolved into spring with the next 4 days predicted to reach the 50's and 60's.  Without a doubt we will continue to lose snow over the course of the next week.  There was no grooming this morning.  Over 25K of trails were groomed yesterday and we expect that those trails will remain in good condition as the day progresses and temperatures warm.  We are holding off grooming trying to avoid tilling wet snow as that will accelerate the melting of the snow.  With such shallow base we have to be careful as we try and preserve the snow to extend the season as long as possible.   Our hope is to hold on for the weekend as best as we can.  Grooming will occur tomorrow morning to restore them one more time before the weekend, hold off grooming on Friday, and if we are lucky and still have some snow left, groom one more time on Saturday morning.  It is very likely that our tentative groom planned for this Saturday morning will be the last groom for the season.

Skiing remains pretty good out there especially in the Intervale fields and in the higher trails in Whitaker Woods.  Trail surfaces will soften as the day progresses.  There are no tracks set anywhere in the network.  Skate conditions remain fair to good depending on your trail choice and time of day. Today's 50 cent'r rating will make skiing outstanding in the areas noted previously.  We now have spring conditions in several areas, so thin snow may show some bare spots in the sunny areas, along with puddling if it gets hot over the next few days.  Upper Intervale network trails are in poor condition and the Intervale Trail north of Birchlea and the Ragged Trail from the RR tracks to Ragged are not groomed due to the RR crossing being devoid of snow and making it impossible for the groomer to cross.  The Lower East Branch has not been groomed since Sunday and has bare trail in places. Also the Intervale Trail around the LA Drew pond is almost completely bare along the south side of the tree line.  In Whitaker Woods trail debris from the storm over a week and a half ago has been cleaned up as much as possible and you will find the trails adjacent to the ball field in Whitaker Woods to be in poor shape the result of days of high winds over the same period.  If you are looking for the best snow, find the trails in the hardwood forest there such as the upper Gradual, south side of the Powerline, lower Vista, etc. or better yet, the Intervale fields, where the snow is very clean.



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